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Presenting at Parliament of the World's Religions

The world is coming to Toronto this November for the seventh global Parliament of the World's Religions. Founded in 1893 in Chicago, the Parliament is credited with launching the modern formal interfaith dialogue movement. Over 10,000 participants almost every faith and country are anticipated, and I am honoured to be presenting at two workshops.

Storytelling in Interfaith Engagement

Storytelling has a powerful role to play in interfaith engagement. I'll be presenting on a panel with three other women, sharing how stories have helped us build interfaith harmony, explore our own faiths, and learn about others' faiths. My focus will be on the global power of personal stories to help us see from another's eyes, and connect with their hearts, nurturing the empathy which builds peace.

Join us or learn more: Sunday, November 4th, 2:15 PM, Room 106


Dances for Peace – Crazy or Conducive?

Can dances or parties lead to peace between people who are in conflict or in disparate communities that do not always understand each other? This interactive workshop will elicit the wisdom in the room to explore the possibilities, challenges, cultural sensitivities and personal experiences of dancing for peace. Please recommend a song for our PositiveSpin playlist, featuring danceable tunes and uplifting lyrics— we just may get up and dance!

Join us or learn more: Monday, November 5th, 2:15 PM, Room 104C

Share your thoughts and experiences: Dances for Peace Google Sheet


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