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Countering Terrorism with Peace Resources





Life After Hate Founded by former members of the American violent far-right extremist movement, Life After Hate inspires individuals to a place of compassion and forgiveness for everyone, including themselves. United States

PAX Christi

Catholic Teaching and Action on Peace


The Pluralism Project, Harvard University - articles about terror Read news about terrorism from a pluralistic lens Global

United Nations Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee

Updates on international counter-terrorism activities Global

ICT* for Peace Foundation: Countering Violent Extremism

*Information and Communication Technologies

Countering violent extremism through online tools and social media Global, digital
Columbine Courage by Ron Luce Christian youth share how they made a positive difference after the tragic school shooting in Columbine High School in 1999 United States
Learning, Doing    

Kids are Worth It, Barbara Coloroso (books & resources)


Bullying is violence itself, and sometimes leads to fatal repercussions. Barbara Colorosa, a bullying expert, has many resources to counter bullying and build positive relationships and resilience.

North America



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