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CryPeace Update and Invitation to Partner for Peace

Friends, I am excited to share recent and upcoming CryPeace activities with you, and to invite you to become a partner in CryPeace activities in new ways.

First and most significantly, my first song, Nous Sommes Ensemble (We Are Together), is now available on your favourite music app or store, as well as CryPeace's website. I believe it was inspired for times such as these, and my dream is that it will unite people for peace. Please share it widely, especially with your French-speaking friends. The English lyrics are on the download page, and will be available as subtitles in the upcoming video.

Secondly, since returning home from the Democratic Republic of the Congo last year, I have taken a leap of faith to work full-time on peace. My next activities are to catalyse the song for peace, produce a music video, and launch an English version. If you are inspired to and have the ability, will you please be my partner in peace? That may be through a donation of any amount you are able to give, by sharing the song as a catalyst for peace, by brainstorming creative peacebuilding activities we can promote in your school, workplace, or network, or by volunteering your talents in marketing, fundraising, social media or music to CryPeace.

Thank you and God bless you.


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