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GivePeace: Our new initiative

Sometimes you need peace; sometimes you are in the position to give it. GivePeace is CryPeace's new initiative to help you do just that.

In my travels over the years, I have been amazed at the resilience, and oftentimes inner peace, of people living in very precarious situations. That peace is not constant, nor naive of the practical impediments to peace that people face. Rather, it's a testament to the human spirit, which hopes, perseveres and survives in the midst of intense challenges.

I have often wondered how to practically help people who share their needs with me. As a humanitarian seeking resources for my own peace mission, financial support is rarely within my power. But this I can do: share opportunities to help trusted members of the One Global Family when they have urgent requests.

For indeed, if we are One Global Family, as I strongly believe, those of us with more than our daily bread have the awesome ability - and responsibility - to share with family members who are in need. CryPeace's new GivePeace initiative is one way to do so.

None of us can thrive alone. But together, there is no limit to what the One Global Family can do!


Meet Sam and Alice

Our first GivePeace recipients are my long-time friend, Sam Okitoi from Uganda, and his wife Alice. Growing up as an orphan in Kampala, Sam has struggled deeply. The support of the One Global Family were all that kept the orphanage he lived in going. More support from kind international friends helped him earn a BA in Fine Art, a miraculous achievement that he couldn't have accomplished alone. Now, Sam and his new wife, Alice, have exhausted all their ideas to support themselves in Uganda, and have firm job opportunities to start a new life together in Qatar. If you have the means, can you please help them fulfill their dreams? This could be through a financial donation to Sam through GivePeace, or purchasing one of his beautiful wood carvings.