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Future Vision

Sharing stories and dreams for peace from around the world are important steps in the cry for peace, but as you know, the journey is much farther. These next steps are really exciting our imagination. If they excite you too, please share your comments, below, and more importantly, contact me to brainstorm next steps.

Erasing the Wall: Envisioning Peace in Israel and Palestine

I visited Israel and Palestine in November 2014 to hear stories from the ground, and meet with grassroots peacebuilders. I found the situation discouraging, deteriorating, and deep fatigue amongst residents and peacebuilders. An emerging idea, to renew hope and offer positive change, is a project to "erase the wall" with several components:
  1. Envisioning in real life the future we dream of — a future without the wall by "erasing" it digitally where it dissects towns and streets using webcameras. Imagine displaying the continuation of the street or field on the opposite side of the wall, giving Palestinians a view of the Israeli side and the Israelis a view of the Palestinian side of it, enabling both to literally envision a future without the wall.
  2. Projecting a birdseye view of the wall onto the Internet, letting people who are not physically at the wall see both sides of it.
  3. Enabling Israelis and Palestinians, who are prevented from meeting in person, a way to meet socially in a non-threatening, non-political encounter, either through interactive video, or positive encounters like joint dances or peace rallies whose sounds carry over the wall.
It's hard to convey our hopes for this project succinctly, but a poem might say it better.
Photo © Carole St. Laurent: Visitors listen to people on the other side of the wall in Bethlehem.

May I have this dance?

I want to dance at the wall in beautiful protest
Cast a vision of the future in its shadow today

We could hear the same music, dance to the same beat
But I couldn’t see you, our hands couldn’t meet

We could set up a webcam, make a window in the wall
I’d rather you open it, I want to walk tall through the gate that encloses me like a prison

If this idea excites you too, please get in touch to request our Erasing the Wall concept paper, and how you can partner with us on the next stage of the project.


Water in the West Bank: Turn on the Taps

In the Occupied Palestinian Territories, water is a serious issue. While in the West Bank, 74% of homes have running water, flush toilets, and maybe a washing machine, there’s one problem: Israel controls the taps. They turn them on sporadically, without notice, and infrequently. Since people have been living without reliable water for years, they have come up with strategies to survive up to three weeks with no water supply. But they are getting frustrated. They would like to know when Israel will turn on the taps.

To raise awareness and advocacy about this issue, we created a concept for an app, an experience, and an advocacy campaign to ask Israel to "turn on the taps." If your organisation is excited about using new technologies to promote people's right to water, the primary necessity of life, let’s help them turn on the taps!


Israel, Please Turn on the Taps

I live in a cage with very prevalent walls
that block me in and hide the sun

You hold the power of whether I can drink, or wash
Access my ancestral well, or dig one afresh

The Israelis on the hill have water all month
But I wait anxiously each day for a chance to fill twelve tanks

In my village I had a deep, pure well
I could slake my thirst, and water my groves
Now, I turn on the taps, and nothing flows
Except the sewage streaming down from the city on the hill


PositiveSpin Dance Parties

Sometimes we need to talk about peace; sometimes we need to embody it. That's why we held a PositiveSpin dance party to nurture peace through music, to reunite body and soul. PositiveSpin provides a joyful space where you can hear uplifting music, meet positive people, nurture your playful side, and move how the spirit leads you in other words, dance! Our future dreams include exploring shared experiences via webcams at different locations, and taking it global, especially to the Israeli/Palestinian wall. If you can offer or need advice about hosting a PositiveSpin dance party in your location, please contact us.

Get Involved

Thank you very much for your interest in CryPeace. Here are some ways that you can get involved:

  • Share your own stories about peace (or conflict) in any medium (text, audio, video, imagery)
  • Interview others about their definition and lived experience of peace or conflict
  • Share wisdom about how to build peace within one's self, family, community, or country
  • Share CryPeace with potential partners or storytellers around the world
  • Donate your skills in fundraising, website/app development, or videography and editing
  • Donate financially to CryPeace's expansion

I welcome your inquiries and ideas about participating this project.

Carole St. Laurent


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