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Jean Vanier: Change the world one person at a time

As we face the war on terror, the terror of war, and hatred among religions and races, now more than ever we must heed God’s call to peace. But how do we accomplish such a monumental feat? For answers, I visited Jean Vanier, a hero of faith, humanitarian service, and a champion of peace building. Jean Vanier shared his personal outlook, which has held true for him for more than fifty years: Change the world one person at a time.


"What we like to say in L’Arche is, 'Change the world one person at a time.' It’s up to you to discover who you can befriend and who is broken….It is very simple, meet people, eat with them, and transmit [through befriending] peacefulness." — Jean Vanier


By doing so himself, Jean Vanier started the L’Arche movement, which now supports intellectually challenged individuals in 147 homes in thirty-five countries all around the world. Read Jean Vanier's life-changing insights in my interview, published in The Liguorian magazine:


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