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Are We Together? Peace Curriculum

Marg Huber with two smiling girl studentsWe are blessed! We were given a proven peace and conflict resolution curriculum, Are We Together?, by its creator, the late global peace educator, Marg Huber. Marg developed the peace curriculum in Uganda, with war orphans who were members of the African Children's Choir. First, they introduced the curriculum to their own secondary schools. As word got out and schools changed for the better, 7,500 students received the two-year training, plus parents, teachers and community members. The impact was transformative.

CryPeace is looking for partners to relaunch the curriculum, starting with a pilot in Uganda in 2024. Our dream is to develop evidence of its impact, then expand it through partners like the Ministry of Education. Its reach is only limited by our resources of time, money, and partners.

It will take the one global family to accomplish this dream, but it has worked before. As Internet access improves, it truly has the potential to go global. If you are inspired to help, there are many ways to get involved:

  • Are you a peace organization? Become our partner in delivering the curriculum in your context.
  • Are you a headmaster? Introduce the curriculum at your school.
  • Are you a teacher? Facilitate the curriculum with your students, or mentor global teachers and facilitators in participatory learning methods.
  • Are you a peace and conflict studies student? Become a facilitator, or research the impact of the program as your major project.
  • Are you a leader? Help us create strategic plans and budgets to make this dream a reality.
  • Believe in the project? Help us raise funds to get it off the ground.
    • $25 will provide a printed copy for a facilitator.
    • $100 will provide a facilitator transportation for one month. 
    • $200 will fund online meetings for a year.
    • $400 will cover the coordinators' communication and travel costs for one term.
    • Larger donations will fund field visits, evaluations and project management.
    • The longterm goal is to work with the Ministry of Education to mainstream the program, then introduce it to another country.

It takes a village to raise a the ways of peace. And it pays eternal dividends.


Request the Curriculum

We would love you to use Are We Together? in your context. It is free, and we can help you plan the rollout and measure its effectiveness. Please contact CryPeace to get started.


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