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Carole St. Laurent

Carole St. Laurent

Carole's passion is working intensively with people, technology, and digital media, exploring how they intersect to change lives. That's why she founded CryPeace: to see how information and communications technologies — or ICTs — can be creatively used to enhance peace (ICT4P).

Carole has presented numerous workshops on ways ICTs can enhance peace, particularly through the power of personal stories. As she travels, she asks people what peace means to them, and if they are experiencing it. She posts people's inspiring answers, from the jungles of Panama, Israel and Palestine, Uganda, Canada, and beyond, on CryPeace.

The arts are another lens through which Carole views peace. She was honoured to have her video poem, Cry, screened at a Rwandan genocide commemoration ceremony, and finds poetry a potent way to process the harsh realities of conflict. When deep wounds make truly hearing one's enemies challenging, poetry enters the heart through the back door.

Carole's work was also recognized with a Wilbur Award for best faith-based blog for the story and video, Motorcycle Diaries: Friday the 13th Motorcycle Rally.

Professionally, Carole is an award-winning writer and information and communication technology (ICT) specialist, with over twenty years' experience implementing ICT projects in North America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East through her consulting firm, fluidIT solutions.


Key contributions include:


Carole holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario, a Master’s in ICTs for Development from York University, and a Certificate in Ministry from Tyndale Seminary.

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