Grafitti on the Israeli security wall of a person kneeling, with upstretched hands, before a large, painted red heart that is broken in two. Its pathos is palpable.

Let's be soldiers in the army of love

Our hearts break at the escalation of the war in Gaza. Violence begets violence; peace is the only option. Let's be comrades in the ground force of love.

Cries of Joy

When we win victories, we have to celebrate - as on the 10th anniversary of UNSCR 1325 on women, peace and security.
"Let's dream out loud how to support peace"

Rallying Cry

"If you want peace, work for justice" (Pope John Paul II). Writing a message for peace on the Israeli security wall.
Ugandan youth shares his testimony

Crying Tears

When you hear a testimony like this youth's from Uganda, sometimes all you can do is cry.

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It's a somber day - April 7, 2024. It's the 30th anniversary of the day when all hell broke loose against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Within 100 days, over one million Tutsis, and their Hutu allies, were dead. Killed. In Rwanda. Please take a moment to remember them with me now. I am marking this... (more)
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The hardest thing I have seen yet in Kampala are the people subsisting off the Kiteezi Landfill. 1.2 tonnes of garbage are dumped here every day. It's bubbling with methane and unfit even for maribou storks to feed off of, but dozens of people subsist by scavenging for pig slop and selling... (more)
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Happy World Day of Peace! It's 2024 – a new year for a fresh start. As we reflect on 2023, we can't help but cry for peace. While Gaza is being bombed in response to Hamas' brazen attack and hostage taking, the war in Ukraine continues, and other conflicts foment, it is clear that humanity needs... (more)
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Last weekend, I walked through the streets of Toronto with a 12-foot puppet named Amal. Amal represents a 10-year-old Syrian girl who has lost her mother and is looking for a new home. It was wonderful to be part of the crowd that welcomed her with songs, food and love, and to share that sense... (more)
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Canada, Syria
This post is from Moses from Nigeria, who shared this story on the Peace Wall.   What does peace mean to you? It means a lot and I have always wished to live in peace in my life. But it's unfortunate I couldn't have the chance to be in peace with myself because of life choices here... (more)
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peace wall
Do you ever wonder if the hope for “peace on earth, good will towards all” will ever be fulfilled? Me too. There are good reasons to be discouraged, some of which are visualized in the video, below. But there are also signs of hope. For each crisis, there are committed people working towards peace... (more)
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