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One Global Family - Volunteer

One Global Family is a new concept and project. Presently, developing a curriculum to teach One Global Family concepts, values and peacebuilding skills is CryPeace's priority. I'm devoting a lot of time to it, but its potential will take many more volunteers and skills. A core group of people is already collaborating. If you share our vision and can contribute skills that we need, please join us!

Our goal is to develop a curriculum that can be piloted quickly in the Congo and Canada. Youth leaders are already on board for the first trial. Then we'll evaluate, improve and reiterate!


Core Belief

Humanity is One Global Family — equal in value, more alike than different, and everyone's birthright is to enjoy human rights, peace, and the necessities of life. If we base all of our choices — relationally, financially, and environmentally — on this truth, it will change everything. Conversely, if we do not learn to act in unity and love, the very future of humanity is at stake due to global warming, pollution and war. Already, far too many One Global Family members suffer their vile effects. However, if we live out the values of the One Global Family, peace becomes not only possible, but the only outcome with integrity.



Create a curriculum for youth peace clubs based on the belief that we are One Global Family — equal and united in our humanity — and we have to learn to be good to each other. Pilot it with a Canadian and a Congolese youth group.



We are the "us;" there is no "them."


Volunteer Needs

  • Content curation and creation
  • Thought leadership (e.g., "do no harm" for meetings of North/South One Global Family members; training peacebuilders to stay savvy and safe in conflict areas)
  • Fundraising or researching potential funders
  • Project Management
  • Website quality assurance and content creation/curation
  • Drupal 8 website development
  • Graphic Design (posters, training materials, social media)
  • Animation (animated logo, illustrations)
  • Marketing
  • Researchers — for a list of recommended or blacklisted companies, social services, non-profits
  • and more


Potential Projects

Meet global family members

Before COVID-19 hit, I really liked the idea of "meet your One Global Family members" face-to-face outreaches. Now, the world is our oyster because we can meet on Zoom with real-time translation. How cool is that?


Stop Blood Coltan

With a lawsuit filed against major tech companies in December 2019, it is a good time to pursue what can be done to stop the unmonitored conflict mineral, coltan, from making it into our electronics.