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Countering Terrorism with Peace Resources


We've collated helpful resources to help you learn about strategic thinking, organisations, and grassroots groups that are countering terrorism with peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation.





Learning, Doing

Life After Hate

Founded by former members of the American violent far-right extremist movement, Life After Hate inspires individuals to a place of compassion and forgiveness for everyone, including themselves.

United States

Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence

Prevents radicalisation leading to violence and hate crimes. Supports radicalised individuals, victims, families and community members.


Quebec, Canada
Christian Peacemaker Teams

This ecumenical group stands witness and seeks to protect people facing danger and human rights abuses.


PAX Christi

Catholic Teaching and Action on Peace


The Pluralism Project, Harvard University - articles about terror

Read news about terrorism from a pluralistic lens



United Nations Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee

Updates on international counter-terrorism activities



United Nations’ Plan of Action for Religious Leaders and Actors to Prevent Incitement to Violence that Could Lead to Atrocity Crimes  (read a helpful summary)

Faith communities play instrumental roles in countering attitudes and words that can lead to division and violence.



Get trained as a Healing of Memories facilitator or attend a workshop for your own healing.

After becoming the victim of a letter bomb in apartheid South Africa, one of my peace heroes, Father Michael Lapsley, designed a groundbreaking program to help whites and blacks forgive and reconcile.



ICT* for Peace Foundation: Countering Violent Extremism

*Information and Communication Technologies

Countering violent extremism through online tools and social media


Global, digital
Kids are Worth It, Barbara Coloroso (books & resources) Bullying is violence itself, and sometimes leads to fatal repercussions. Barbara Colorosa, a bullying expert, has many resources to counter bullying and build positive relationships and resilience. North America

Violent extremism: four tips for effective programming

Columbine Courage by Ron Luce

Christian youth share how they made a positive difference after the tragic school shooting in Columbine High School in 1999


United States
Healing the Gospel: A Radical Vision for Grace, Justice, and the Cross by Derek Flood A theological reflection proposing that the cross was not God's plan for penal substitution, but evil's plan to silence Christ which God redeemed to conquer death and evil.  



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