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Interfaith Peace Resources

I've been exploring ways and wisdom for nurturing peace between people from different faiths. If you're interested in learning about, connecting with, or serving with people from other faiths, here are the best resources I've found for doing so (with a North American focus for in-person opportunities, and wider focus for learning materials).






Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions, Nostra Aetate, Pope Paul VI, 28 October 1965

Catholic Teaching on Interfaith Peace


United Religions Initiative (URI) and URI North America

Creating interfaith Cooperation Circles to engage in community action and advocacy

Global and North America

Religions for Peace and Our Muslim Neighbour

Building interfaith peace, countering Islamophobia

Events in Tennessee, Minnesota

Religious Literacy resources by Religion Communicators Council

Interfaith directory of resources


Religious Literacy Project, Harvard Divinity School

News, research, profiles of major religions


The Pluralism Project, Harvard Divinity School

News, media and activities promoting interfaith peace

Events in Boston

Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs’ Interreligious Dialogue

Extensive directory of organizations and resources


Scarboro Missions, especially peacebuilding curriculums, Interfaith Golden Rule curriculums, and Ten Things You Can Do to support Interfaith Peacemaking and Collaborative Action Extensive collection of guidelines and curriculums  
For One Great Peace: An Interfaith Study Guide Excellent leaders guide for interfaith encounters  

World Council of Churches’ Current Dialogue Magazine and interfaith news

News, theological journal


Center for Jewish–Christian Understanding & Cooperation (especially the books and podcasts)

Understanding Christianity through Jewish eyes


Peace Catalyst International

Christian/Muslim understanding, resources, course


Peace Insurgency

Inspiring blog by Pastor Earl Zimmerman


Learning, Doing

What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue

Essential reading for starting a sustainable group


Tips for Starting Local Peacebuilding Relationships

How churches can build relationships with other faith groups


A Manual to Facilitate Conversations on Religious Peacebuilding and Reconciliation based on two African documentaries

Excellent films showing radical transformation in violent conflicts

Africa; can be contextualised to other areas

World Interfaith Harmony Week – How to participate



The Feast Personal encounters and self-directed activism by youth from different faiths. UK, Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon

20,000 Dialogues, Unity Productions Foundation

Film and discussion guide about American Muslims


Do No Harm for Faith Leaders

Awareness training to prevent unintended consequences


In the United States

Peace Catalyst International Christian/Muslim events


Milwaukee, WI

San Diego, CA

Potentially others

Interfaith Dialogue Resource Kit

Great tips for facilitating dialogues


Civic Dinners Join or host a dinner to discuss race, gender, or other areas of public life. Atlanta, Georgia and beyond (especially if you host)
Support for Muslim College Students This guide provides a wealth of information and resources for Muslim college students and the family, friends and larger community that support them. For others, it provides an in-depth look at what Muslim students might go through during their day-to-day lives on college campuses all across the nation – and perhaps foster more awareness, understanding and compassion among those who want to make the world a better place for everyone, no matter their beliefs.

Online resources for all

Legal and student associations for USA

In Canada

Mary Ward Center Excellent interfaith training for schools and organisations, based on Scarboro Missions' Interfaith Golden Rule curriculums, Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada

Interfaith Directory and History, Greater Toronto Area

Extensive list of organisations

Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada

Encounter World Religions Centre

Interfaith Encounters


Youth and Interfaith Dialogue – A Directory of Organizations, 2014

Youth Encounters

Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada, plus online/global resources

Interfaith Harmony Week

Interfaith Encounters

Toronto, ON, Canada

Surrey Interfaith Council

Interfaith Encounters

Surrey, BC, Canada

Calgary Interfaith Council

Interfaith Encounters

Calgary, AB, Canada


More Resources



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