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U2, I still want to be on your Peace Team

I have the audacity to believe that we can all make a difference, and I want to devote my life to promoting peace. Indeed, I believe it's the work God called me to do. I've spent years dreaming about what might make a difference, and people resonate with my passion and ideas. But alone, I can just blog, tweet, share my experiences, and fan the "smouldering wicks" of people whose faith in peace on earth is running out.

U2, you are masters at the power of music. You have access to the corridors of power, and the hearts of people. I admire how you use this power for good. I want to join your team in pursuit of peace.

U2, will you please give me 15 minutes to share why, and some ideas of how?

You're coming to my city, Toronto, again on June 23 (look for me in the bleachers!), and I would love to talk to your One or cause manager anytime on skype. Christoph Benn can vouch for me.

Thank you for all you do! Let's dream out loud in support of peace.



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