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One Global Family Photo Album

One of the important ways to celebrate a family is to share photos and stories. Especially when a family is as large as ours, the more people who contribute to the family photo album, the better! 

You can do so by taking photos and selfies, and sharing stories of people (including you!) living out the ideals of being one global family. These can be in any medium (text, photo, video, audio) on any platform (e.g., Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook). Please contact me if you're posting on another platform, so I can link to it (and hopefully, embed your stories on CryPeace). If you don't have a social media post, you can email me your story.


Important: Tag it #oneglobalfamily #countryname @crypeace2

Please help us find your posts by tagging them consistently.

#oneglobalfamily - essential for English posts, good for all posts

If it's in English, it's easy - tag it with #oneglobalfamily . If your post is in another language, you can tag it with #oneglobalfamily too, but what will be better going forward is to translate #oneglobalfamily into your language. If it's not listed below, please help us find the perfect translation. We recommend working with at least 5 native speakers, as it's not necessarily the most literal translation. I'm currently working with a team on a French translation, which I will share below when it's confirmed. Célébrons! Vamos a celebrar!


#Countryname - helpful for identification and future searches

Please also add the #countryname - it's interesting to know where your story comes from. If the country name is clear and concise, like #Canada or #Kenya, simply add its name like that. If it's long or complex, like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we'll need to agree on the best short form so we can develop country filters without duplication in the future. Contact me with suggestions or questions, and I'll add yours to the list.

English Short Forms French Short Forms
#DRC - for Democratic Republic of the Congo #RDC - pour Republique Democratique du Congo


Tag @crypeace2

I'd love it if you also tagged posts with @crypeace2 (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube). This will help me see them quickly, and let us filter out real messages if irrelevant posts use #oneglobalfamily. 


What makes a great #oneglobalfamily portrait, story or video?

  • It shows family members celebrating our unity in diversity, e.g., across age, religion, or culture
  • It shows something about life in your corner of the world - what homes, food, or the scenery looks like (but please, not like an Instagram food channel, it's more about the sharing than the food)
  • It shows an aspect of the family or environment that needs our attention
  • It's short (videos will typically be less than 3 minutes, stories a few lines)
  • Do send your long-form articles and "live it out" suggestions to Carole for posting on CryPeace, or write them on your website and post the link on your favourite social media (with our common hashtags, of course)