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The many ways to cry for peace

In the world today, there is untold suffering, and a deep lack of peace. Much of the suffering is due to human selfishness, oppression, and injustice. For this, tears are appropriate in the cry for peace.

There are also many courageous examples of individuals and communities who refuse to accept the status quo, who stand up for individual and communal rights and freedoms. They add their voices to the cry for the peace that only justice can bring.

This website offers a place to share stories of tears, testimonies, and rallying cries for peace. It invites you to listen deeply to the voice of the "other," to hear from others at different points along the path of the common human journey, and to reflect on the next step that you can take on your own journey to greater personal and communal peace. Our hope is that through sharing our stories of pain, perseverance, and promise, we can heal some of the rifts that life has rent in our own hearts, and in humanity.

The act of sharing this website feels insignificant, like exposing a small seed to the world. However, if you will plant another seed by sharing your own story, or water others' seeds through your comments, perhaps a garden will grow. You may feel that sharing your story is like adding a drop to the ocean, but I believe that the universe expands the ripples of each drop to the others it is meant to touch. Nothing reveals our commonalities beyond our differences, the power of forgiveness and reconciliation, inspires courage against injustice, or deepens our empathy for the "other," as powerfully as a personal story does.

Let's dream out loud about how we can create healing, peace, and a more loving future for individuals, and for the world.


Cry Tears

While peace can be positive, when we think of it in relation to peacebuilding, the first stage is deep suffering, conflict, and trauma โ€” the things that destroy peace. In these circumstances, we cry tears for the lack of peace.

When you hear a testimony like this youth's from Uganda, sometimes all you can do is cry.


Rallying Cry

Tears, however, are just the first step. As Pope John Paul II said, if we want to restore peace, we must work for justice. We need to raise our voices loudly in a rallying cry for peace, and take positive steps towards establishing and restoring peace.

CryPeace's founder, Carole St. Laurent, writes a call for peace on the security wall between Israel and Palestine โ€” the looming metaphorical and physical barrier to peace in the region. 


Cries of Joy

After shedding tears, and a rousing cry for peace, come cries of joy over the victories! Don't forget to savour the small, personal wins as well as the big ones โ€” these are the stepping stones to broader, deeper peace.

African women can cry for joy like no others! Celebrating the 10th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security, at the Isis-WICCE Peace Exposition in Soroti, Uganda.