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If the Apostle Paul was alive today, I imagine he might phrase 1 Corinthians 13 a bit like this. If I get more retweets and likes than anyone, but my words lack love, it would be better if I never posted. If I can predict the pandemic curve, sell millions of masks, and even create the best vaccine, but profit from others’ pain instead of prevent it, my net worth is the inverse of my human worth.... more

Last comment by Carole on Feb 19, 2022.

I have a dream – that our tears over oppression will motivate cries for justice that become shouts of joy as justice flows down like rivers, and peace like everlasting streams.

Last comment by Carole on Aug 28, 2020.

How can those charged to serve and protectkill an unarmed man with a knee to the neck?Why do brown people fear the men in blue when there is no difference between me and you? It’s not rightWe see the lightWe’ll stand and fightFor human rights Why do people living off their last piece of earthget sold out and silenced as if they’re of no worth?Who gave away the land of their forefathers?I won’t... more

Last comment by Carole on Aug 29, 2020.

Praise the Day Praise the old ipad that slowly obeys,playing diverse podcasts to inspire my ways Praise the spring tulips that boldly emerge,splashing walls and walks with their flamboyant hues Praise the fragrant leaves, a gift from a friend,warming heart and tongue with their exotic blend Praise the smartphone, the only way to see and hearloved ones these days until the COVID all-clear Praise... more

Last comment by Carole on Mar 25, 2020.

A hero of peace flew away – one who saw treasure beneath imperfection to reveal God’s reincarnation in each conception.   A hero of peace flew away, but not quickly. Not before planting two blossoms on The Farm, which multiplied into a bouquet of thousands. They’ve perfumed France, indeed the world, for over fifty years. Their scent intensifies still.   A hero of peace flew away. This is nothing... more

Last comment by Carole on Sep 26, 2019.

Look at this temple that soars to the sky Now look a bit closer — do you see why? The bright colours that adorn such lofty towers Are fragments of glass no bigger than flowers   Once beautiful china, they were dumped in the sea As worthless and broken, nothing to see   IMG_20190108_150159.jpg When I saw their beauty, and learned from whence it came I reflected... more

Last comment by Carole on Feb 19, 2019.

My God, let me eat you Let me drink you in You’re in the air You’re in the wind You’re in the sun You’re in the trees Holy communion is all around me   Praying in the beauty of Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Last comment by Carole on Aug 16, 2018.

Today I am gifted with deep peace. It’s centered deep, low in my body, in my womb. It’s birthing strength to face new challenges and forget past fears. It stills my mind; my body is tranquil. May I carry this peace all day and into tomorrow.

Last comment by Carole on Aug 16, 2018.

“You know that woman who came by herself?” said the vinegar craftsman to the server. “You mean me?” I asked, revealing my presence, losing the chance to hear the next sentence. Would it be that I was still there, hours later, sated with vinegar, recipes and stories? Was it the story I told the young woman who made my pizza, of my travels seeking stories that bring peace? Her great aunt couldn’t... more

Last comment by Carole on Aug 15, 2018.

I love my prayer corner. Bring me here Meet me here Teach me here Change me here I love my prayer corner.

Last comment by Carole on Mar 31, 2018.