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Being one global family means we are “us”; there is no “them”. 1 Corinthians 13 reveals the key ingredient that our global family needs now more than ever: love. I don’t know if there has ever been a year that more people have wished was over than 2020. If you’re like me, you spent most of it under the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether or not the disease affected you or your loved... (more)

This is a sermon I delivered on the Sunday in Advent devoted to peace. It is best experienced aurally, and I invite you to listen to it instead of read it, below. Good morning. Today I want to share a message on something that is very close to my heart – peace. Over many years I’ve travelled to over 20 countries seeking stories which nurture the empathy which builds peace. This month, we are... (more)

As we enter into Advent — the time when Christians prepare their hearts to celebrate Jesus’ birth on Christmas — may God’s peace be with you in a special way. And as we enter the twelfth month of the coronavirus pandemic, we desperately need peace. (more)

(lire en français) Dear people of France, from all backgrounds and religions, My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for the murders your citizens have suffered today, and in recent weeks, at the hands of violent extremists. I am so sorry for the fears that divide you instead of unite you at this difficult time. I am so sorry that the universal right to life was violated on your soil. I am so... (more)

I have a dream – that our tears over oppression will motivate cries for justice that become shouts of joy as justice flows down like rivers, and peace like everlasting streams. (more)

How can those charged to serve and protectkill an unarmed man with a knee to the neck?Why do brown people fear the men in blue when there is no difference between me and you? It’s not rightWe see the lightWe’ll stand and fightFor human rights Why do people living off their last piece of earthget sold out and silenced as if they’re of no worth?Who gave away the land of their forefathers?I won’t... (more)

75 years ago today, the USA dropped the first nuclear bomb ever used in conflict on Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II. Three days later, the they dropped the last nuclear bomb used in conflict on Nagasaki, Japan. The resulting carnage and immediate deaths of up to 210,000 people were just too horrifying and indescriminate ever to justify again. But today, after over four decades of... (more)

Friends, I am excited to share recent and upcoming CryPeace activities with you, and to invite you to become a partner in CryPeace activities in new ways. First and most significantly, my first song, Nous Sommes Ensemble (We Are Together), is now available on your favourite music app or store, as well as CryPeace's website. I believe it was inspired for times such as these, and my dream is that... (more)

The current global uprising against police brutality and racism, ignited most recently by the murder of George Floyd by a policeman in Minneapolis May 25, is sobering. It is sobering that unarmed Americans can die at the hands of their own police force, who are sworn to serve and protect them. It is sobering that this abuse of power resonates so strongly in so many countries of the world. And it... (more)

Dear brothers and sisters in the global family, we are together - for peace! Nous Sommes Ensemble (which means "we are together" in French) is CryPeace's song to express this. A translation of the words into English is provided below. It was so fun and fulfilling to produce this, my first song, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, last year. I am an avid poet and a pianist, but this was the... (more)