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Peace Education Resources

These helpful resources will help you learn more about peacebuilding.





Principles of Peace

Positive Peace Academy

This 2-hour course shows how the eight pillars of Positive Peace improve ecological sustainability, well-being, GDP growth and business outcomes.

Institute for Economics and Peace

Ending War 101 Is peace even possible? Learn from history why it's not only possible, but our only viable option. World Beyond War

Practical Peacebuilding

Interfaith Peacebuilding Teams Training This is one of the highest impact peacebuilding organizations I know. They train faith leaders to mobilize interfaith teams to identify and resolve local issues. They have transformed Boko Haram territory in Nigeria into one of Nigeria's safest states and prevented election violence in Liberia. Their virtual teams are tackling global problems like climate change and ending patriarchy. OMNIA Contextual Leadership

Be the Bridge Academy

Self-directed online courses help you understand the history and impact of racism in North America, and how to build bridges across racial divides. Live training and webinars help make your work, school or faith-based environment more inclusive.

Be the Bridge

Build Up Courses Build Up combines research with practical tools to make online spaces more peaceful. Build Up
Organizing 101 Ready to take action? Gather your team and strategize. World Beyond War
Inspiration and Research
Peace Almanac

Get inspired by each day's history from a peace perspective, to counterbalance negative messages from the news.

World Beyond War
Vision of Humanity Learn global trends in peace, climate change, and other topics that affect the world. Institute for Economics and Peace



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