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75 years ago today, the USA dropped the first nuclear bomb ever used in conflict on Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II. Three days later, the they dropped the last nuclear bomb used in conflict on Nagasaki, Japan. The resulting carnage and immediate deaths of up to 210,000 people were just too... (more)
Friends, I am excited to share recent and upcoming CryPeace activities with you, and to invite you to become a partner in CryPeace activities in numerous ways. First and most significantly, my first song, Nous Sommes Ensemble (We Are Together), is now available on your favourite music app or store... (more)
The current global uprising against police brutality and racism, ignited most recently by the murder of George Floyd by a policeman in Minneapolis May 25, is sobering. It is sobering that unarmed Americans can die at the hands of their own police force, who are sworn to serve and protect them. It... (more)
Dear brothers and sisters in the global family, we are together - for peace! Nous Sommes Ensemble (which means "we are together" in French) is CryPeace's song to express this. A translation of the words into English is provided below. It was so fun and fulfilling to produce this, my first song, in... (more)
If we make peace one of the by-products of the fight against the novel coronavirus, it will have been more than worth it.   Friends, as difficult as the coronavirus pandemic has been, it has also been an amazing time of solidarity in the one global family. Just months ago, who could have... (more)
COVID-19 is for the birds – well, at least they are enjoying our stay-at-home directives! These feathered friends approach me fearlessly during my walks in Toronto's High Park. I am so tempted to reach out and touch them! My prayer is that we'll continue to welcome wildlife into our human... (more)
Dear friends, I hope you are finding ways to keep your peace during the novel coronavirus crisis. I found myself seeking deeper anchors in my spiritual life to help me weather the storm, and I would love to share them with you.   Who is Jesus, really? Find out in an online Alpha course Curious... (more)
While the whole world is suffering from the novel coronavirus, we are not suffering equally. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where health care is limited and the social safety net frayed or non-existent, poverty and famine are feared almost as much as COVID-19. But since the Congo is not... (more)