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God has blessed us to bless others

Today is my first full day on retreat. I awoke eager to begin well and use this gift of time wisely. Although I don’t usually drink coffee, I brewed an organic Americano to counteract the fatigue of work and travels. I brought my coffee and Bible onto the patio. The boats in the bay, the wind, waves and butterflies spoke so eloquently no words were necessary for the start of my morning mediation. Nor can I put into words the peacefulness in my soul; you’ll have to feel between the lines to comprehend it. When my mind began inserting words of plans for the day, I replaced them with the words of Jesus from the night he was betrayed – even then, he was sharing words of comfort for the disciples, not himself. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” (John 14:27, The Bible). The whole passage is rich, and I have much to learn about how the power of God's Spirit in us can enable us to do even greater things than Jesus did. Jesus said that would happen, but I can hardly prevent my heart from being troubled at smaller or larger things in my daily life. But not here, not now. Now I have a precious week to let Jesus’ peace indwell me deeper, and flow through me to those I meet. I finished with a prayer for ears to hear God’s directions for the day, and the chance to be blessed by, and bless, others.


I can't put into words the peacefulness in my soul; you'll have to feel between the lines to comprendend it.


This prayer was answered very simply and quickly as I ate my breakfast at the beach. A man came up to me, showed me an official-looking letter, and told me he was unwell. I asked how I could help; with money was the reply. Remembering Jesus’ command to give to everyone who asks, and mindful of how rich I was in comparison to everyone here, I gave a small bill to the man. “Que Dios te beniga,” he replied – God bless you. “Que Dios te bendiga,” I answered. God has blessed me with money so I can be a blessing, and this man’s blessing is worth so much more than my change.

Shortly after I heard jingling behind me. I turned to see a woman carrying hundreds of necklaces on her arms. She showed me them one by one – the real pearls from the sea, in white, grey and indigo; the coral, the turquoise, the shells. I looked at many then chose one – a pretty necklace and pair of earrings. I have so much, to help provide her daily bread is another way to be a blessing. Last month I made a bracelet for a missionary to bring on her travels around the world. She gives them to suffering women with the promise that the sister who made it for her was praying for her. “Remember to pray – these women truly need our prayers,” she encouraged us. When I put on my yellow pearls, it will remind me to pray for the people of Puerto Angel.

I paid for breakfast and went for a walk down the beach. Two young men were laying a tape measure on the sand beside a tripod holding a plumb line. Ever curious, I asked if they spoke English, then what they were doing. Ian explained, “We are measuring the height and length of the beach to track global warm… how do you say?” “Global warming.” He and José Carlos were university students on exchange from a town 1,000 kilometres north. I was surprised to learn Puerto Angel had a campus on the hill.

After sharing that I had a degree in Environmental Studies with a specialty in IT (one of their team is a GIS specialist), I explained that my true interest is peace, and how people from around the world experience it. Having researched a better translation last night, I could ask them, “Que significa la paz para usted?”


I'm overjoyed with the blessing of my divine appointments! I was a financial blessing to the first two people I met, and the last two blessed me with inspirational perspectives on peace, with the and translation help, which is invaluable!


I was so impressed by their answers that I searched for a pen and paper to record them faithfully. Finding no paper, I wrote their stories on the cover of a book someone loaned me (she'll understand!). Since I didn't have a phone either, I asked José Carlos to take photos of them and send them to me. I'll share their answers and photos with you in my next two posts.

I'm overjoyed with the blessing of these divine appointments! Not only did I meet eloquent men with unique perspectives on peace, but Ian spoke excellent English, could translate José Carlos' story for me. Ian even offered to translate more stories for me if I was staying a while longer.

“How wonderful, thank you!," I gratefully accepted. "I prayed for divine appointments today; you must be mine,” I smiled at him.

“And you ours,” he smiled in reply.

I am so looking forward to touring Puerto Angel with them. “You will have a crazy, happy time,” I promised José Carlos, as left them to continue their work.

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