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I survived a terrorist attack. Here’s what I learned. - Gill Hicks

Gill Hicks, who survived a suicide bombing in London, used a tragedy that was meant to kill her to change her life. Gill says, “Throughout all the chaos my hand was held tightly. My face was stroked gently. What did I feel? I felt loved. What’s shaded me from hatred and wanting retribution, what’s given me the courage to say, ‘This ends with me,’ is love. I was loved. I believe the potential for widespread positive change is absolutely enormous because I know what we’re capable of. I know the brilliance of humanity. So this leaves me with some pretty big things to ponder and some questions for us all to consider. Is what unites us not far greater than what could ever divide? Does it have to take a tragedy or a disaster for us to feel connected as one species, as human beings? And when will we embrace the mystery of our era to rise above mere tolerance and move to an acceptance for all who are only a label until we know them?” Gill’s experience of the love of strangers was so powerful it countered even the hatred of a terrorist. And with God’s strength, prayer, and deep understanding, we can find compassion and love even for terrorists.

Since the bombing, Gill has devoted her life to promoting peace. One of the ways she does so is challenging everyone to do 5 things for humanity every time there is a terrorist attack. "Peace is a verb," Gill says, and by acting on it we can overcome evil with good. Register your own action or join others' using the M.A.D. for Peace app.


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