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Scarlett Lewis chooses love after her son was murdered

Scarlett Lewis, who’s son Jesse was killed in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Connecticut in 2012, has chosen forgiveness over hatred. In her powerful testimony she says forgiving his killer cut the invisible cord of anger that linked her to him after her son’s death. Freedom from anger gave her the strength to found the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, based on an unusual message her 6-year-old son wrote on their kitchen chalkboard before he died: "Nurturing healing love." The Choose Love Movement teaches students positive social and emotional skills. If you are an educator, you may want to review this free program. It may even prevent future violent attacks.

Understanding that the killer was born innocent, but suffered bullying and was in great emotional pain when he killed 26 people, gave Scarlett compassion for even him. She calls it post traumatic growth. Beautifully, it was survivors of the Rwandan genocide who gave her the strength to seek her own forgiveness. In a virtuous cycle, her other son, J.T., helps Rwandan orphans by fundraising for their tuition fees.


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