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Write on the Peace Wall

We want to hear what peace means to you. Your answers can be short, but personal. Here are some ideas of how to make them more creative.

Show and tell:
  • Take a photograph of you with a sign of your definition, living your definition of peace, or demonstrating what prevents you from living it. Draw or paint it, and photograph the artwork. (Required - we need a photo for the wall)
  • Prefer the spoken word or music? Have a soundtrack that emphasises your point? Upload an mp3. (optional)
  • Nothing can say it like video? Upload your video to your favourite website, then give us the link. (optional)
Be safe:
  • If sharing your name, photo, or story will compromise your or others' safety or privacy, please change the details to protect everyone.
Be courteous:
  • Do share your own story, but if it involves others, please do not reveal their identity without getting their permission first. 
  • Be courteous. If the photo, mp3 or video aren't yours, please get permission to share them first.
Don't want to reveal your identity? Feel free use your first name, a pseudonym or nickname.
What country are you writing about? (This is usually where you live, but if you're writing about the past, put the country you are writing about.)
What is your definition of peace? (You can answer any way you wish - personally, communally, or globally.)
Are you living the definition of peace you just wrote?
Please share a picture for the wall. Tips: Get creative. Hold a sign of your definition. Show how you live your definition, or what's preventing it. Ensure nothing in the photo will compromise anyone's safety. Only share others' photos with prior permission.
Files must be less than 4 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png.
If you prefer, you can record your story, a poem, song or related sounds. Tips: Get creative. Ensure nothing in the recording will compromise anyone's safety. Only share others' voices or files with prior permission.
Files must be less than 6 MB.
Allowed file types: mp3 wav.
We promise to keep your email private. Sharing it will let us tell you when we've read and posted your story. If you don't care to share, check the wall in a few days - thanks.