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Our Role in God's Peace Plan

Our peace series in Liguorian magazine, which began with Lighting the Way to Interfaith Peace in January, continues by examining one of the most darkest valleys humans encounter — acts of terrorism. How do we counteract hate in order to prevent as much violence as possible? And when acts of terrorism do occur, how to do we respond, forgive and heal its onslaught so it doesn't lead us into a cycle of even more violence? The surest way I know is by following God's peace plan. This peace plan is for everyone, regardless of their faith, but it is supernaturally difficult — it is loving our enemies, countering hate with love, recognising our common humanity instead of superficial differences. My article, Our Role in God's Peace Plan, is copyright Liguori Publications, 2018, but they kindly allowed me to cross-post it below. Please visit to learn more and subscribe.


"Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good." (Romans 12:21, The Bible).



Take Action

  • Join Gill Hicks, who survived a terrorist attack, in doing 5 positive things for humanity for every act of terrorism. Record or join activities on the M.A.D. For Peace app.
  • Condemn terrorist actions, attitudes, and the injustices that incite terrorism, rather than people groups. Use sensitive language that builds bridges, not walls.
  • Sue Klebold, whose son Dylan committed murder/suicide in Columbine in 1999 says, “It was appallingly easy for a 17-year-old boy to buy guns both legally and illegally without my permission or knowledge and somehow, 17 years and many school shootings later, it is still appallingly easy.” How can we reduce the proliferation of guns which cause the most terrorist deaths in America?
  • Are there situations in your life where you or others are fighting hate with hate? How could you turn things around to win love with love?
  • Pressure politicians to promote peace through negotiation and disarmament, not war. Demand that your taxes fund international development and peacekeeping versus war. Demand that the “war on terror” decrease, not increase, motivation for terrorism. Divest from companies which produce armaments. Dispose of your own armaments.
  • Promote zero tolerance for hate and violence in your family, church, school, and workplace. The World Council of Churches has an extensive list of resources to practice nonviolence.

"Forgiveness is the most powerful underutilized weapon against terrorism and atrocities." Jean Paul Samputu


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Liguorian 2 - Our Role in God's Peace Plan.pdf

Liguorian 2 - Our Role in God's Peace Plan.pdf

Published in Liguori magazine April 2018. © Liguori Publications, 2018. Please visit to learn more and subscribe.


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