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Life needs more dancing!

After I met Ian and José Carlos on the beach, I took the shortcut over the rocks to the neighbouring beach. Rain and waves had churned up the water on this beach, and I sought calmer waters for a swim. I love swimming in the ocean; the buoyancy, quiet, and peacefulness are calming, and when there are waves I love body surfing. I always bring a mask and snorkel so I can float in a natural "serenity tank," or see whatever sea life is there to be found. But today, even on the calmer beach, I could barely see my hands in front of me. I did a few laps then came out to dry off.

When I took a shortcut through a restaurant patio on the way back, the waiter I spoke with yesterday asked me if I liked the music. “Me gusta salsa (I like salsa)," I replied. They were playing it in the morning when I headed out; now they were playing reggaeton. “Me too,” he responded, and danced a few steps. “Quieres bailar (would you like to dance)?," I asked. I've learned this phrase well from years of salsa dancing. Chinon joined me on the patio, laughing and smiling. A customer got his cell phone out to record us. It was a little bit crazy and a little bit fun, just like José Carlos' definition of peace. Laughing, we finished the song and I continued on my way. I love dancing — it's one of my most regular and reliable peace prescriptions. I often take dance lessons, go social dancing, or dance in the kitchen or living room. Life needs more dancing!

Feeling like a regular, I returned to the restaurant for dinner. Chinon called me over, saying he had an international dance troupe to show me - it was us on video! They were playing salsa again, and as I waited for my order, I couldn’t resist. I started dancing in the aisle, then noticed they'd straightened the tippy patio out — it would make a perfect dance floor! I moved to my impromptu dance floor, and Chinon joined me for a few bars before serving more customers. A woman from a few tables over joined me on the floor. “Where are you from?,” she asked. “Canada,” I replied, "yourself?” “From here.” “Puerto Angel?,” I asked. I was surprised that a young woman would stay in such a small village, but I considered her wise to – the pace of life is peaceful here. “I’m from Mexico City,” she explained; she was here on vacation. Wise, indeed! Extolling the wonders of a vacation on the beach with good music and an open air patio, we danced.

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