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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Finding Peace in God’s Mysterious Will

This is a sermon I delivered on the Sunday in Advent devoted to peace. It is best experienced aurally, and I invite you to listen to it instead of read it, below.

Good morning. Today I want to share a message on something that is very close to my heart – peace. Over many years I’ve travelled to over 20 countries seeking stories which nurture the empathy which builds peace. This month, we are going on an advent journey together, to Bethlehem. Today, we will make two stops – first, to Mary’s home, and then, to Elizabeth and Zechariah’s.


COVID-19 in the Congo

While the whole world is suffering from the novel coronavirus, we are not suffering equally. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where health care is limited and the social safety net frayed or non-existent, poverty and famine are feared almost as much as COVID-19. But since the Congo is not quite clear from the world's second-largest Ebola outbreak, which has been raging, and now smouldering, since August 2018, authorities are not taking any chances.

Nous Sommes Ensemble - Producing a Song for Peace

It was the most fun and fulfilling thing I accomplished in the Congo – producing my first song for peace. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a French-speaking country where I worked for six months, the most common phrase was "nous sommes ensemble" – "we are together." And we are. We share this world, and will enjoy peace and prosperity together or suffer together – the choice is ours. Although the effects are so disproportionate that those of us in the north may believe all is well, eventually pollution, poverty and conflict will touch us all, wherever we live.

International Day of Peace message, 2019 (video)

I am excited to be celebrating the International Day of Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was a very special day and week - I produced my first song, Nous Sommes Ensemble, I acted in my first play with the spectacular Lumiere Du Monde drama troupe from Rwanda, and I enjoyed the poems, acting, and passion for peace shared by the youth at CBCA Virunga's peace day celebration.

Good Friday in the Congo

It’s Good Friday, the day when Christians follow Jesus down the Via Dolorosa, the way of suffering. Pilgrims in Jerusalem physically retrace Jesus’ steps from the place of his judgement to his crucifixion, and believers around the world retrace Jesus’ last steps through the Stations of the Cross. Figuratively, we can all follow him more closely by reflecting on Jesus’ sacrifice in our hearts. That is how I am walking the Via Dolorosa in today the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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